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Related article: though his work is full of talent and originality, and the comic extravagances of Olivia's steward are undoubtedly popular with the audience. That sterling actor, Mr. Lionel Brough, does good work as Sir Toby Belch, and is well supported by Mr. Norman Forbe?, as Sir Andrew Purchase Tylenol Online Aguecheek, his companion of carouse. It might perhaps have surprised Mr. Courtice Pounds if, in the days of ** The Gondoliers," he Dosage Of Tylenol had been told that he would one day Dosage Tylenol make a success in Shake- speare, but undoubtedly his Feste the Clown is a great Tylenol Dose success, and he scores heavily with the songs ^ **'Mistress Mine," and "When that I Buy Cheap Tylenol Was." The ladies are admirable. Miss Maud Jeffries Dosage For Tylenol makes an ideal Olivia, and Miss Zeffie Tilbury makes a great deal out of the part of Maria the mischievous waiting- maid. To Miss Lily Brayton be- 312 BAILYS MAGAZINE. [April long in our mind the chief honours of the performance ; she played the difficult part of Viola with the greatest skill and judgment. To gifts of youth and beauty Miss Brayton adds a most attractive method, and her elocution appears to be modelled on the best style. Mr. Beerbohm Tree is to be con- gratulated upon gaining such a valuable recruit. It goes with- out saying that ** Twelfth Night " is beautifully put on the stage, and the scene in Olivia's garden reflects especial credit upon Mr. Hawes Craven. The Musical Director, Mr. Andrew Levey, is responsible for the composition, selection and arrangement of the incidental music, and his setting of the songs sung by Mr. Courtice Pounds is admirable. ''The Tylenol Sale Belle of Bohemia" at . The Apollo Theatre. — Mr. Lowenfelt has built a lordly Tylenol Dosage pleasure house next to the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue, and for the Apollo Theatre we have nothing but praise. All the arrangements are up to the ver)' latest standard of excellence, from the specially constructed orchestra with its novel acoustic fitting, to the extra exits which permit of the house being emptied in two or three minutes. The decora- tions, too, are very effective, whilst the view of the stage from every seat is stated to be complete and unobstructed. For the first production under such favourable auspices we think that an unfortunate selection was made in the ** Belle of Bohemia," a musical farce imported bodily from America, players, chorus, music and all. It was the cynical Lady Holyrood who said that the increased Tylenol Use good-feeling between this country and the United States is due to the success of ** The Belle of New York," and probably we owe Where Can I Buy Tylenol to the same source " The Belle of Bavaria/' whilst to the success of Mr. J. £. Sullivan, of '* polite lunatic " mme, the creation of the parts of Dinkel- hauser and Klotz, the dreary Dromios of the new productiOD, may probably be due. Mr. Sul- livan is a clever actor, and his admirably assumed German accent did much for the popularity of his polite lunatic, and we regret that he should not have been allowed the monopoly of his successful idea ; it made us tired to have to listen throughout the performance of the new Belle to the Anglo- German utterances of Dinkel- hauser and Klotz, one of whom was generally in possession of the stage. The essential point of the story is, that these two men, a brewer and a wandering photographer, bear such a close resemblance to one another in voice, manner and appearance, that their own wives are mistaken as to their identity ; thus if one is unfortunate enough to be bored by either character the trouble is a double and serious one Mr. Richard Carle, who made such a hit in ** The Casino Girl " with his song ** Nothing New," is good as Algy Cuffs, a matinee idol, Purchase Tylenol in a part which does not afford him great opportunities, and he has a telling song about his Museum. To our mind Where Can I Get Tylenol 3 the best performance is that of Miss Marie Dainton, curiously enough Buy Tylenol the one member of the caste that England can claim as her own. Miss Dainton has long been famous for her mimicry and imitations, and now she has demonstrated her creative abilities and lends great charm to the part of Paquita, the Spanish dancer. Miss Marie George, who has deservedly made a reputation for herself since she came to this country, is a great success in the Tylenol Dosing 190I.] SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. 313 title role^ and we hope that ru- mours of her leaving the play will prove false. The chorus is attrac- tive and well-trained, and the play is very well dresssd and put on, whilst some of the Tylenol 3 Codeine music is pretty, the finale of the first act gaining much applause. Sporting I ntelligence. [During Febraary— March, 1901.] A RBMAKKABLE incident occurred Where To Get Tylenol 3 in con- nection with the meet of the South Shrop- shire and Wheatland Hounds at Longnor, near Shrewsbury, on February iith. A fox was found in Tylenol Price the Moat Covers and was hunted up the valley for Cothercote Hill, making a sharp turn to the right for Pulver- batch. At the foot of the hill is a treach- erous Dosing For Tylenol hog which Order Tylenol Online he crossed with the hounds in close pursuit, the field being compelled to make a wide detour. Whilst they were doing so reynard made another turn, and headed back past Underbill Hall for Sroethcote. The master, servants and field were entirely left, and were unable to again get in touch with the pack. About eight o'clock the same evening Mr. Bishop, of Underbill Hall, was proceeding to his stables when he met a fox in his yard and the pack in full cry close at his brush. Mr. Bishop and a farm servant, with the aid of a lantern, followed for some distance, but, finding pursuit useless, proceeded to the nearest telegraph office and advised the master. It was not until three days after that the pack were got together again. The Ullswater Foxhounds, which hunt over a Order Tylenol mountainous country in Westmore- land and Cumberland, and have to be fol- lowed on shanks's mare, met on February 16th at the foot of Wild Boar Fell, near Kirkby Stephen. Quickly starting a